Become closely acquainted with three of India’s most famous cultural practices in our featured trips of 2017 and 2018. On our Holi Festival trip you will be immersed in the colorful culture of northern India as we celebrate the beginning of spring. On our Yoga Retreat, you will delve into the ancient practices Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga and meditation on the banks of Rishikesh, made famous in the West by the Beatles in the 1960’s. A Royal Train trip is a superlative experience. You find UNESCO World Heritage sites, palaces, ancient architectures, religious destinations, beaches and wildlife. The luxury train journey is an exciting and grand way to see India.

Holi, the Festival Of Colors - 8 days

Delhi - Agra - Rantahmbore - Jaipur

Goodbye winter, hello spring! We welcome spring in India with colorful celebrations in the form of Holi Festival. Witness and participate in Holi festivities on this trip while visiting historical Hindu palaces, temples, gardens and Mughal monuments and forts. You will also be introduced to the exotic and exciting flavors of North Indian cuisine. This trip will bring you incredible and memorab...

Yoga Retreat

Rishikesh - Delhi - Agra

Rishikesh, the land of spirituality, known in the West as being the location of the Beatles Transcendental Meditation retreat in the 1960’s. 
Practice Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga and meditation on the banks of Rishikesh, with the masters of these disciplines. You will also receive Ayurvedic treatments and be served Satvik food during the ...

Royal Train Travel

Various Trips

Extend your India trip with one of these unique train travels, and we guarantee you will have a lifelong-experience! You can find UNESCO World Heritage Sites, excellent vineyard, palatial residences, lions & tigers basking in the glory of sun, sun-kissed beaches and spectacular view of hill stations. Each of the aforementioned destinations is traversed by luxury tourist train. All the journ...

Intimate India: 2017-2018

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