We specialize in luxury tours, corporate retreats, and private tours (individual and group).Please contact us with your list of requirements, and let us make it happen for you.

Here are some unique experiences to choose from:

  • Gastronomic and Cooking Tours
  • Architectural Tours
  • Photographic Tours
  • Indian Ayurvedic & Well being Tours
  • Cultural and Heritage Tours
  • A glimpse into the history of silk and other textiles and fabrics


Namaste: The traditional Indian greeting said while bringing the palms together before the face or chest and bowing. It is a sign of respect which literally translates to "I bow to you”.

Neeliyam, a unique travel management company, was founded in 2009. At Neeliyam, we immerse our clients in the eternal time and space of India's glorious culture, an experience which will stay etched in your memory long after you have returned home. Neeliyam will help you identify your personal dream, and guide you safely through its realization. Your comfort comes first at Neeliyam, and we work hard to negotiate the realities of modern India. We ensure that the every detail of your adventure (accommodation, transportation, food, etc) will enhance a positive memorable vacation.

Neeliyam Team

Seena Shanker  is the founder of the company, located in Napa Valley, California.

Neeliyam was started out of a nostalgic passion for India and channeled into introducing the adventurous and cosmopolitan Napa Valley resident to the unique culture of Kerala. Since then, Neeliyam has branched out into tours all over India and a second branching included the development of Neeliyam Spices, together with a friend and local Napa Valley Chef, Katherine Grimes. Together they introduced the home-made cuisine of Kerala, and later other parts of India, to the local community through the Farmer's Market and other venues. Four custom spice blends are now available on grocery shelves. For more information on Neeliyam Spices, click here.

Susheel Nair  is the partner, based in Bangalore office of Neeliyam in India.

Susheel is Seena's younger brother and his specialty is negotiating the intricacies of daily living in India such as the bureaucracy, multi-ethnic interpretation, multilingual communication, and unruly traffic. He produces excellent resolution to any logistical issue with calm and patience.

Edit "Radha" Debreczeni moved to India from Hungary after her marriage to Susheel and is now settled in Bangalore. She has traveled extensively throughout India and is well versed in India's diverse culture and daily living. Her love and fascination for India resulted in her desire to work for Neeliyam and share her knowledge and information from an outsider’s perspective, sharing her tips as a European traveler in India.

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